There’s nothing mysterious about data – data when it’s processed, organised and structured becomes information: information can help us to ask questions, understand problems, make positive changes in our community and innovate. Sometimes it can even surprise us.

Prospect Brixham is a Community Interest Company formed to raise awareness about data and data rights, to make connections between people, to run events, workshops and the Data Challenge competition and to support the creation of the community-led Brixham Data Trust. 

The first stage of the journey is a year-long pilot project to find out how local data can serve our community and to start building the framework needed to make that data work for us, through a new organisation – a community data trust. 

The Brixham Data Trust will support collective decision-making about how to use local data resources. It will seek the community’s views on how data can help placemaking and address environmental stewardship, health and wellbeing and net zero ambitions.

The pilot project is funded by Data Trusts Initiative. Throughout the project Prospect Brixham will be supported by its data services and technology teams at The Data Place, Plymouth and Mydex CIC

Prospect Brixham is an opportunity to get involved in building the community’s capacity to use and share data securely in ways that benefit local people and organisations. 

To join in the conversation and help shape the direction of travel please get in touch hello@prospectbrixham.org and sign up to the newsletter for regular updates.