Every Day Data

This is a detail of a scarf made by Josie George. She decided to make a scarf that tracked the temperature of every day in one year, as part of a personal project to engage with climate change.


This image shows temperature variations in July 2020. She designed a colour code to record the temperature and weather. The right hand image below shows January through to August. It’s a beautiful and information-filled piece of work. Read more here https://mymodernmet.com/josie-george-temperature-scarf

Many people collect data every day as part of their daily routines. Think of step counts, or tracking mindful minutes using a smart phone or a wearable device. Think of keeping a daily diary, recording daily expenditure or recording the birds seen on Berry Head. A daily practice is a challenge but it’s rewarding. See the Brixham-based 365 Sea Swim Challenge for inspiration from their community of everyday swimmers.

And by recording regularly over a sustained period of time, you gain insights and see patterns that you would have otherwise missed. 

What if, rather than collecting individual data for ourselves, the community gathered data and shared it for collective benefit? What additional benefit can we get from this? What can we learn from gathering our data collectively? What new insights can we gain into this place and new evidence bases to make a case for change?

Prospect Brixham will be asking these questions in an open and transparent process, with events and workshops to explore options that benefit the community and provide the required ethical and legal protections with technical infrastructure to support it. 

Any questions? Please get in touch  hello@prospectbrixham.org. We’d love to hear from you.

Prospect Brixham

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