People Power and Pop-ups

This project is about people. People and place and community. So why are we talking about data?


Data is information and it is part of our everyday life. Data about us, as individuals and as a community, is held by all kind of organisations and private companies. It’s not easy to find out who holds information, what they are doing with that information and even whether we gave our consent. Our data is valuable and we should have more control over it and more choice over what it is used for.

This pilot project - Prospect Brixham and the Brixham Data Trust - aims to show how a different way of thinking about data in a small but strong coastal community can turn the tables. It aims to inform and empower local people about personal data and to show how, by working together, collective data can be put to use for the benefit of the community. The value of data is in what it can do for us.

The project will bring people together, strengthen local networks and use data to provide an evidence base for change with a focus on the impacts and benefits that this project can bring. Prospect Brixham invites you to join us, to share your views and to get involved.

There will be lots of opportunities to influence the direction of the project over the next year, from informal chats, to joining the citizens panel for the data trust or even becoming a trustee (with support and training provided). As we launch in July 2022 we would like to invite you to join a stakeholder panel to discuss what data the pilot project should be looking at, and what outcomes are top of your list.

We will be organising some exciting events and workshops in the coming weeks, and letting you know through the newsletter. If you would like to volunteer to lend a hand at these events let us know.

And if you’d like us to visit your group, or just catch up with our pop-up stall, which will be popping up all around the town, then get in touch hello@prospectbrixham.org. We’d love to hear from you.


Author: Prospect Brixham

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