Welcome to Prospect Brixham

Prospect Brixham is embarking on a year long journey to uncover the stories that make Brixham what it is today and the challenges that it faces going forward. This pilot project is about understanding our data as a valuable local resource for our place, Brixham. It is about knowing our rights around our personal data in an increasingly digital world.


Our mission is to find out how data can serve the community and to create the Brixham Data Trust - an exciting new initiative for the town.

Not sure about data? Don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place to find out more. There will be events, workshops, a website and a data challenge competition with expert mentoring to develop five local data projects. We hope you will join us in co-creating the Brixham Data Trust.

Whatever you care about, from seagrass meadows to saving energy in the home to improving public spaces in the town, data will have something useful to say. Prospect Brixham aims to put you in control of your data and to find ways where we, as a community, can benefit from the insights that our data can bring.

Want to find out more? Please get in touch hello@prospectbrixham.org and subscribe to the newsletter.


Author: Prospect Brixham

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