Brixham Data Trust

Welcome! You can drop back here any time to check on progress over the coming months as we work together to co-design the Brixham Data Trust. 

The Data Trust will be a Brixham-based community-led organisation to manage data and data rights for the benefit of the people and the place. A place-based local data trust is a new idea, proposed by Prospect Brixham, supported by Data Trusts Initiative

Prospect Brixham invites you to come along on this journey to form and shape the data trust to suit the needs and priorities of Brixham citizens. There will be lots of opportunities to influence the direction of the project over the next year, from informal chats at our roving pop-up stall (look out for it…) to joining the citizens’ panel for the data trust or even becoming a trustee in due course. If you’d like to find out more or invite us to visit your group, drop us a line at We’d love to hear from you.

Now take me to the data! 

We are working with our friendly data services and technology teams at The Data Place and Mydex CIC to set up our data platform and infrastructure so we can begin sharing some open source local data and open up the conversation in the community. We will be introducing the Personal Data Stores and announcing the Data Challenge competition soon. 

Are you interested in Brixham and its future? What key questions do you think data could help to answer? We are looking for a few people to join an initial informal stakeholder panel to discuss what data, and what data questions, you think the pilot project should be looking at. No technical expertise needed. If this sparks your interest, please get in touch.